Pete here. I was able to drive one at the factory in Somerset, England. It was normally aspirated K20, which the factory chap said was their slow version. Holy cow it was so fun.
I am looking into buying one for trackdays and have questions which I am answering by roaming the forum. Thank you for creating this as it has lots of good info.
I would love to have a CA registered AA but I am also considering a track only version. Once I start tracking it I am sure I will want a trailer with extra bits.
Questions I am searching for answers:
Can an Atom with the spec cage pass broom stick test for a 6'2" driver with full cage?
What clubs prohibit Ariel atoms?
Besides tires, brakes and brake fluid, oil, oil filter, air filter... what are other maintenance items. Bearings, engine internals, rod ends, drive train..
What are must have components for track?
What are average laptimes (driver dependent of course) for Thunderhill, Sears, Laguna, and Button willow. I am comparing them to my motorcycle times as an odd way to determine performance.
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