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Thread: Ariel Atom2 Supercharged at Night

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    Ariel Atom2 Supercharged at Night

    Hey guys,

    When I got my Atom 2 I really wanted to watch a video of someone driving at night to know what to expect, and I couldn't find any. Not sure if it's because driving at night on your Atom is a stupid idea, or because no one bothered to record one.

    So now that I have driven my Atom a couple of times at night, I decided to record a short video so others know what to expect.

    This is not a professional video by any means, just me pressing record, driving for about 5 minutes, and then stopping the recording. No edits, no fancy driving, just wanted to give you perspective.

    Thank you.

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    I never liked the standard 7" headlights on my Atom. The lights themselves weren't my main concern. They were adequate, but the location was more of an issue. As shown in your video, the light that spills onto the front wheel fenders decreases visibility of objects in the distance.

    I thought about relocating the round headlights up to where the turn indicators are, but in the end I mounted seperate LED driving and spot lights in place of the turn lights, then installed motorcycle style turn lights where the original headlights were mounted.

    The new lighting offered by TMI now has the headlights up where the turn indicators are, and this seems like a good idea. I probably would go this route if I had to do it again.

    The LED lights that I used were the 91531 SRQ2 driving and the 90521 SRQ spot, both made by Rigid. I had to do a bit of rewiring, and while I was at it, I added a switch to allow either normal high or low operation, or high plus low operation. I no longer have running lights up front, but this has not been an issue. I turn the headlights on whenever I'm driving.

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    Ron, where did you get that backup camera + monitor from? how did you install it? looks neat!

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    My alternative is to replace the stock headlights with HID, and put in motorcycle turn signals (this requires minor modification of the stock arm). The light output is increase by 5x while the obstruction from the stock turn signals are reduced by 10x. Night driving is no longer an issue.

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    Thank you for the video. Is your supercharger stock, because I can hear the whine more on your car than mine. How about the exhaust?

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