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Thread: New NorCal member Silver/Black Atom3

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    New NorCal member Silver/Black Atom3

    Hello Ariel Atom Chat Forum,

    My name is Wayne Goodrich and have been an Ariel Atom3 owner since 2010. I've visited this forum a number of times before but for whatever reason had never signed up. I call home Healdsburg, CA but I also spend part time in San Francisco and Incline Village, NV in the winters.

    My Atom3 has undergone a number of fixes and updates over the years. So, if any one has any questions about some of these things, I'm more than willing to let you know why they were done and how to get them done. For any Atom owners in Central to Northern California, I highly recommend Scott Jenkins at Desmoto Sport in San Francisco to provide service as well as any maintenance required. His shop specializes in high performance motorcycles (mostly Ducati) and has recently become the final assembly shop for North American BAC Mono's. He also takes care of a couple of NorCal Atom's including mine.

    I'll post a few pictures in a bit, but here's a basic snap shot of what I've had done to my Atom3:

    - Carbon Fiber seats w/upgraded 6pt harnesses
    - Taller roll-bar (now at functional height)
    - Upgraded uprights & bearings (3 OEM hubs/bearings failed one doing so on track that destroyed the right rear end)
    - Upgraded half shafts (see above)
    - Higher performance clutch, rods & heads
    - Stainless Steel screen cover for radiator fan (3 were killed by track clag before implementing)
    - Fixed position LED lights (still original location) & LED bulbs all around
    - Dead pedal
    - Larger mirrors (standard on SRA's)
    - AiM Solo DL
    - AMB transponder w/APEX display
    - Smoke acrylic side panels & wind deflectors

    My street setup is the standard Team Dynamic 15"/16" wheel and currently Toyo R888's [205/50R15, 225/55R16] which I hate and will change as soon as I wear them down. I run Sector111 Ethos wheels on track with Hoosier A6 and soon A7 tires [205/50R15, 275/35R17] so I've had to tweak my rear fenders a bit as well. This setup has allowed me to to run consistent 2:00's on the 3.0 mile Thunderhill course with a current PR of 1:58.4.

    I love this car and it never fails to bring a smile to my face when driving it.



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    Welcome to the forum, would love to see the details about what seats you installed, how you mounted them, and of course all the pictures. Not much US based information is available on the topic.

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    CF Seat musings...


    You can contact Shinoo Mapleton at Sector111 and mention me by name (Wayne Goodrich). They were seats usually installed in Lotus track/race cars. Last time I was on their website that had them as an option for Atom3 owners but they're not there any longer :/ He's currently selling Reverie CF seats for Lotus cars, but I don't see the same seat I have on their website and don't remember the brand... sorry. Although the Reverie CF seats look to be about half or less than what I paid for mine. So they might be a good brand to go with if you can find the right style.

    A good shop should be able to make mounts for about any seat you can find that you like and fit well in. It's not rocket science, it just takes a little patience and a few more bucks than off the shelf.

    The mounting for these seats were fabricated specially for my car although I think they sold a few sets once completed. Pretty sure he'd still be able to get them special order and make a pair of mounts. I did have to fit some rubber edging in the belt openings as I frayed a pair of belts on the naked carbon edges before realizing the problem...

    My issue was fit at 6'2" 240lbs and a very long torso. I had ordered my Atom3 in 2010 with the factory fiberglass individual seats along with sliders because my shoulders didn't fit the one piece double seat. They were total crap and I still have the chassis scars to prove it where they'd flex and scrape the sides (3" of travel!). The current seats he's selling, Corbeau, would not fit me (recommended < 6' tall and < 34" waist) and also sit higher because the adjustable capability and the seat in general. Sitting lower is definitely better.

    If I upgrade to a Atom3S, I'd take these seats and mounts to that car. I'd be able to take full pictures then. I currently have a query in to TMI whether or not they'd build me a 3S with some specific upgraded parts if I send them along before build as not to waste the parts I'd throw away (OK... try to sell...) once I got the car.

    I have a few more pics in my "garage" that sort of show how it looks now (street wheel vs track here) and the front shot on how far they stick up.
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