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Thread: New guy from NC

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    New guy from NC

    Hello all, I do not own an Atom. I first saw one on the Internet while doing research on a Z06. The Z06 would be more practical on the street, I am sure from the videos I saw the Atom would be more fun. Is there anyone here from the Triangle area in NC? If so is there any place near Raleigh to learn how to drive the Atom?

    Thanks for any help and to those who make the forum available.


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    Hi, Eugene, and welcome to the forum. I have owned fourteen Corvettes through the years, and loved all of them. But after I received my first Atom nine years ago-(Jay Leno took #1 and I took #72 out the first ones built in the US) I sold my last Vette and have never looked back.

    I'll post three of my Ariel Atom demonstrator/company car videos for your perusal.

    This is me running my streetable, two-seat, 2012 Ariel Atom 3 300HP demonstrator/company car, against single-seat race cars. At Hallett Motor Raceway, near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    And at Eagles Canyon Raceway, near Decatur, Texas.

    And here I get the holeshot at the start of the Open Wheel final at Hallett, recently.

    Again, here is a big Texas welcome!

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    Welcome Eugene!

    I live in the Greensboro, NC. area and commute to TMI AutoTech (the manufacturer of the Ariel Atom for North America) located in South Boston, VA.

    We are located just over an hour north of you, feel free to contact me if you would like a tour of how the Ariel Atom is made: We love for people to come by and check us out!


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