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Thread: Ariel Atom 2 Injector Change & ECU Swap Illustrated Instructions

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    Post Ariel Atom 2 Injector Change & ECU Swap Illustrated Instructions

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    Tools Required:
    • 3/16" Allen Wrench
    • 10mm Socket (and corresponding ratchet)
    • 14mm Socket (may not be necessary)
    • Wire Cutters

    Changing the ECU:
    The ECU is located behind the driver on the engine side of the firewall. First remove the electrical connectors by pressing on the black retaining mechanism, and releasing the grey locking handle. It is extremely important to pull straight out (away from the ECU) on the connectors during removal and installation. Any wiggling back and forth will result in damaging the connector pins. GM has issued a service notice about how delicate these connectors are.

    Once the connectors have been removed, remove the four 1/4-20 retaining
    screws using the 3/16" Allen Wrench. Reverse the procedure for ECU installation.

    Injector Change Out
    The Injector change out will require that the intake assembly be removed. Once the intake and rear bodywork are off the car, use the 10mm socket (and ratchet) to remove the three bolts that retain the fuel rail. Locate the electrical connector that ties the individual injector plugs into the main harness.

    With some jiggling and proper persuasion (complimenting the fuel rail never hurts), the injectors and fuel rail will generally come free of the motor. On some occasions it is necessary to remove the coolant tube (14mm head banjo bolt) in order to free the injectors from the engine's grasp. Ensure that the coolant system is sealed before removing the steam line. If the coolant cap is loose, removing the plug will proceed to siphon all of the coolant out of the system. Which will result in quite a mess. Either way, expect a bit of coolant out of the steam line.

    Ensure to add a bit of lubricant to the injector O-Rings before installation to ensure they are not damaged during installation.

    Thank you.
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