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Thread: Turbocharged vs Supercharged for a weekend warrior?!?!?!?!

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    Turbocharged vs Supercharged for a weekend warrior?!?!?!?!


    I am seriously considering buying a used AA as a toy for my vacation home in Idaho, located at 6K feet of elevation.

    Primary purposes for the car will be early morning hooligan runs to get my blood flowing, psychotic coffee runs with my adrenaline-addicted teenage daughters (who will fight over who gets shotgun!) and just terrorizing my neighbors in general.

    I have owned numerous 600+ HP cars, so I am intrigued by the dynamic performance specs of these cars. I know that I need either a turbocharged or supercharged car, as a NA car at altitude won't be nasty enough for me.

    I would welcome any opinions from owners as to whether there are significant advantages to one vs the other. Or are there any must have options?

    At this point I know that I want a roll bar, windshield and side panels (easy to add if not present). I have also heard to get the upgraded brakes, but I don't know if that is essential or not.

    I'm all ears guys - help me up the learning curve!!! Best regards to all.


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    Hi, Wolf,

    Here is a brand new 2016 Turbo Atom that I have for sale. It is factory rated at 365HP, with 2.4 liters, and is ready to ship from the factory direct to a new owner.

    My current 2012 demonstrator/company car is a supercharged 2.0 liter, rated at 300 HP. Here is a sample of how it runs-

    And here-

    I now have a brand new 2016 Turbo Atom of my own that I recently received, and it is in the trailer now, waiting to go to Eagles Canyon Raceway at Decatur, Texas, in the morning. This will be the first outing for it, and for me with a Turbo Atom. With the same weight and an extra 65 HP, I'm expecting big fun!
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