Hi all, I've been lurking the forums for a while and tossing around the idea of trading my professionally built (by Real Street Performance) 3.4l Supra for an Atom. The car drives around at 1020whp: it's not an inflated dyno number. It will also come with a nitrous system and a new intake manifold installed and tuned so more horsepower is to be expected. The built engine and headwork was completed 6 months ago. It makes 867wtq and does it all without having the lag of a huge turbo. It uses a 6870, which spools early and loves ethanol. It's a flex fuel car so you can run either pump, ethanol, or a blend of the two and the tune will auto-adjust. It's an incredibly fast car with brand new wheels and a brand new $6300 paint job. I'll make a separate post in the proper section and go into more detail. The car is all over my facebook page: just search for Janelle Conte if you don't feel like looking for my WTT post on here.