Hi guys....Im John Zihla from Carlsbad, calif....(San Diego Area) and a life long "motorhead". Ive had the privilege to own several very nice rides and have always the admired the Ariel although I have only seen one firsthand on the streets here in San Diego.....it BLASTED by me going up the 5 frwy. at way over 100mph....and I thought....wow.....that was FAST.....but insane as it is soooooo low. That is last place Id want to play "Robby Roadracer" weaving in and our among the Suburbans and other distracted cage drivers.....
...I prefer carving thru the mountain roads and passes that abound in san Diego county. And being retired get to do that regularly in my other toys 2 wheeled....3 wheeled.... and 4 wheeled.
After looking for a used Ariel online and finding nothing available here locally I bought a Slingshot a couple of weeks ago to scratch my itch...(and take the dog to the dog park in).....Its fine for what it is....but obviously is in no way a substitute for the Atom.

So Im asking for help and advice...Im not going to the Nurbergring....Im a 60 year old retired old guy that loves to tinker and tune....and love the rawness of a motorcycle but want to take mama once in a while for a fast back country road attack....as she wont get on the back of my motorcycles any more.....so....Ariel it is! Any leads and practicality comments would be greatly appreciated....I hear the big brake option is a must....and as I am an old adrenalin junky....will the stock Honda due....or is the supercharged version a must?

FYI....Im bored to death with the Slingshot...it is a tourer at 177 HP.....there is a turbo kit out it that boosts just 6 pounds and puts out 245 rear wheel HP is about $5500 installed....please help me find a great Ariel before I start putting extra lipstick on the pig. (lol)
John Z