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Thread: ATOM3 brake light failure

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    ATOM3 brake light failure

    At a track day at Donnington this week, we had a total brake hydraulic failure due to the brake light switch having melted internally and then allowing the fluid to spray out when pedal pressed, the racing school at Donnington say they have also had this on their school Atoms, has anybody got a fix to fit a mechanical switch to the pedal, removing this design fault from the system. we were lucky, braking from 100mph + into Redgate and didn't hit anything.
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    Scary stuff. Looks like it shorted out. Yikes. This fix is for an Atom2,but I'm pretty sure it would work fine on a 3..
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    I actually had a very similar issue--my switch had a hairline fracture and would leak fluid.

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    This problem seems to show up all too often for comfort. Of all the systems that should have the least allowable modes of failure, it seems that the brakes would be waaay up there. I guess I will add that to the list of things to change. The last thing I want is to moosh the brakes at the end of a 125+mph straight only to have them drop to the floor and have to lean over and kiss my ass goodbye.

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