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Thread: Running costs

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    Running costs

    Going to be first time buyer
    My hearts set on getting one no matter what!!!!!!!! Looking at a 2004 model
    Just wanting to know
    Running costs
    Price of good tyres
    Fuel etc
    Will mostly be driving on road with
    Couple o track days a year

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    2004 would be a pretty early model, but an Atom all the same.

    While the cost in GBP might not translate well to the going rate in USD, the costs I've experienced have mostly been the round sticky black things at the corners, followed by fuel, then oil and brake pads, track day fees and public road insurance notwithstanding.

    I've never had to replace anything other than a faulty GM fuel pump and the exhaust system where some welds were cracking at the flanges, neither of which were a fault of the Crewkerne factory.

    If you're just going to 'trundle' along on the road with an occasional track event then I suspect your biggest operational expense will be insurance then fuel. The more you drive it the more expensive it becomes, the same is true of how you drive it. Personally, I do not track my expenses specifically so I don't know how much I've spent on the car and the pleasure it brings me. It is far cheaper than any mainstream vehicle of comparable performance.

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