During the weekend of 7/11/2015, the Atom and I attended the Iola Car Show in Iola, WI. The population of this town is around 8000 people, but on this weekend, it probably saw close to 200,000 visitors. This was the 43rd year of this car show, which is one of the largest vintage shows in the United States.

I was invited by Furo Racecraft, a local race fabrication shop that I work with whenever I need something custom done on the car. The shop had a number of customer vehicles on display and has recently received some notoriety for handling fabrication work for many of the cars on the Discovery Channel TV show Street Outlaws.

I just wanted to share one of the highlights with the group. Although I'm not a huge drag racing fan, I have a lot of respect for the sport and its history. I was able to meet Don Garlits and talk with him for a bit, and I had him sign the rear plate mount panel on the Atom. What a treat.

Several times each day, they started up the car with him in it. If you've never heard and felt one of these cars rev the throttle when standing 6 feet away from it... I cannot find the words to describe the fury that is unleashed. And he's still at it, setting a quarter mile record for an electric dragster (184mph) at age 82. The video of that on YouTube is pretty cool, with the car being almost dead silent.

Ryan Evans, the painter from the History Channel TV show Counting Cars was also in attendance, and got a pic of him in the Atom.

If anyone would like to see more photos, check out this album in my website's gallery.