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Thread: The drought is over in Wichita Falls, Texas!

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    The drought is over in Wichita Falls, Texas!

    Since Wichita Falls has been in the news lately concerning all the record-breaking rainfall we have had this month, I wanted to let interested folks know that our home/race car shop/Atom showroom is high and dry. We are in no danger of the flooding that is happening in some parts of the city, since we built on a hill that is probably the highest elevation in the county.

    Our downtown Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris, Victory, Slingshot dealership/showroom is about a block from the Wichita river, and the river water level is WAY up; but in the 49 years since I started my dealership there, (how time flies!) it has never seriously threatened to flood our business.

    Some friends of ours did have a mandatory evacuation of their neighborhood, but they are OK to return home now.

    We loaned a couple of utility vehicles to the Sheriff's department to help with flood rescues, and here is a picture of Ercie and me with a SERIOUS vehicle they have that is all-wheel drive! I'm really proud of our Sheriff and his men and his choice of vehicles!

    Don't mess with this Texas Sheriff!

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    All that's missing is a Ma Deuce mounted on the roof.
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    Glad to hear that you and yours are doing alright there, Eddie. I was south of Austin in '98 when they got 30+inches in 24 hours. That was a lot of water all at once. I heard yesterday that Wimberly's Blanco river was 40' over normal. Luckily, it seems most people are wet, but otherwise not too bad off. Things can be replaced, individuals can't.

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