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Thread: Just placed an order for a 3S!

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    Just placed an order for a 3S!

    Hello, my name is Garrett and I am addicted to quick acceleration and great handling. I think I should be in a twelve step program like AA, yes we could rename it acceleration anonymous. I have participated in many driving schools; Skip Barber MX5 twice, Porsche Driving School at Barber Motorsports Park three times, Ron Fellows Corvette driving school twice and of course the Ariel Atom Driving experience. I have purchased a club membership at Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, VA, only 15 minutes from where I live and wanted to have a fun car to track and drive on the street from time to time. I love cars that are light weight and have plenty of power. Mark Swain is wonderful to work with. I spent a few hours with him recently looking at cars in production and had a brief ride and one that is nearly completed. I was very impressed with the development of the 3S. The turbo is very progressive and I couldn't notice any lag. I don't need to be the fastest guy out there, but I do want to have the most fun. I hope to make a lot of friends on this forum and share some great moments and ideas. Can't wait.
    I have one question: could someone help me who lives in VA, how I go about getting the car titled and registered.

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    I'm in NoVa. Shoot me a PM with your contact info.
    Talk to you soon.

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