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Thread: Ace performance video

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    Ace performance video

    the high profile toy thrower

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    The only way he is driving that on the streets of Boston is on a dealer plate. I know the laws,rules,etc of Massachusetts very very well, and if it were a legally registered as a Ma. private passenger car,it would have two plates, front and rear,and a mandatory Ma DOT inspection sticker in the RH lower part of the windshield. All missing. Don't get me wrong,I would love to see the Atom be legally registrable in Ma….but it's not.

    Yes,you can drive one on a dealer plate,(one plate in the rear,no inspection sticker required) but even that is up to interpretation..if you really dig into the CMRs. And yes,you can drive one in Boston with and out-of-state private plate..and maybe that is what he does. However, I got the impression he was implying it was Ma registered,which currently is not possible..

    Cool car though!
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