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Thread: What made you buy your Atom?

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    First it was Top Gear that made me aware the car even exists and then in that first review Clarkson said "anyone who wants to know how a car should behave should drive one of these" and then he called it "Driving Nirvana". Then once you look into it the cost to performance ratio is unlike anything else, I thought about building a dedicated track day car from an Elise or an S2000 but then the reliability and maintenance issues would be such a hassle I just decided to buy a new Atom instead.

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    Top Gear and all the points that FourFather made.

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    It was 2006, had money burning a hole in my pocket and I already had a car and a motorcycle. Brammo's introductory price was the clinch and Clarkson's flappy face helped.

    My only regret is that I don't track it as much as I'd like. Puts a smile on my face every time I'm at the track. Just keep throwing tires, brake pads and hydrocarbons at it and it works.

    Now that I'm overseas it's difficult being without it.

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    Prior to the Atom, I've owned a number of sports cars - including a couple hi-powered ones. What I learned from these is that light-weight cars are much more fun to drive. With the Atom, you have the power-to-weight ratio of typical hi-powered sports cars, but at a really low weight. Even better though, you have this with the incredible engineering of the Honda K-series motor. This is a hard-to-beat combination.

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    Good responses all around, lets keep it going! bump!

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