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Thread: Would you supercharge or turbo your atom?

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    Would you supercharge or turbo your atom?

    Hi guys,
    I'm getting my atom in next couple of weeks and I know that I am going to want some more power. I've been searching and reading up on both superchargers and turbos. I have turbo experience but no supercharger experience.
    I do like the simplicity of a supercharger. I see that the ct-e kit is pretty much bolt on but I can not find anyone that offers a tune for it. Is there a tune for it?
    I know that tmi just came out with a turbo kit. I was told that I would be able to order it early next year. The problem I have with tmi's kit is the price. ~$12,000 is more than I would like to pay. I can piece together a turbo kit for less than half of that. Tuning again is a problem.
    What would you do?
    Any advise you guys can give me?

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    Drive it like it is and then decide if you really need more power,especially if you don't have access to a good tuner. Horsepower is expensive,and someone always has more than you anyway,so learn to live with what you can afford comfortably. You may find it's more than enough to get the job done. Ask any Spec Miata racer...
    The power of an Atom is a terrible thing to waste! Atom owner/operator since 2007. The more you chase perfection,the faster it becomes. John Force for President! (I asked him once in person...he laughed)

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