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Thread: add lightness.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by s2kseven View Post
    Thank bolus --- However, there is a Chain drive differential with quaife atb with reverse....yes two wheels (LSD).
    A 350hp hayabusa engine can compete even the torque is anemic.
    However, with the light weight attributes it can keep up. We used them a lot in the Lotus seven type cars which perhaps almost the same weight as the Atom.
    I'd still not want the hayabusa. I dont see it worth the effort to customize the atom to get one to work when the Honda isnt a bad choice at all.

    Hell, I've said I'd still take my ecotec atom over the Atom V8. I got more torque at 3,000 RPM that the $50,000 Hartlet V8 has at any point up to 10,000 rpm. Plus if mine breaks I just get one out of a cobalt at the junkyard instead of selling a kidney.

    Now if you said you wanted to fit an evo engine in there and make it AWD then I'd get behind that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
    How many positrons per Dennis?
    86.1825591009(16) x 10-31 kg and one beer.

    Hayabusa ok in radical, not so much in an atom.
    I like light things in my car. It's easier than stoping drinking beer and losing weight. I bought some super duper wheels and lost 18 lbs. almost cheaper than Jenny Craig.

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