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Thread: 2013 Supercharged Atom 3 (K24) For Sale

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    2013 Supercharged Atom 3 (K24) For Sale

    Well, it's official. I've decided to sell my Atom.

    I took delivery on it in May of 2013 (Car #30176). It's the K24 motor and it has the highly desirable supercharger option (which is apparently no longer available through TMI).

    I'm in no rush to sell it, but if the right buyer comes along, I've decided that I'll sell. My reason for selling is I now have an 11 month old daughter at home and I'm just not getting an opportunity to drive the car anymore between work and my new found fatherhood.

    This car is legally registered with the State of Iowa. Equipped to be licensed in any other state (street lighting kit, fenders, emergency brake and windshield).

    The car has 1,870 miles on it. It's seen 2 track days and both were pretty light as I was still getting my arms around the power of the car. It's a 2 hour drive to the track I go to, so the majority of the miles are oddly highway to the track and back.

    I ordered the car with Yokohama S. Drive tires and quickly realized I needed something stickier for the track. I still have the S. Drive tires and threw a set of BFGoodrich G-Force Rivals, which were much stickier. Both tires go with the car (if the buyer wants them).

    Most interestingly, this car has the Dash2 digital dashboard that is in a carbon fiber enclosure (which was equipped by TMI this way). I haven't seen any other cars listed with these. It looks REALLY sharp.

    Here are the add-ons:
    - Supercharger
    - Aluminum Radiator
    - Parking Brake kit
    - Bilstein Adjustable Dampers
    - Two-Piece Spring Kit
    - Quick Release Steering Wheel
    - Windshield w/ wiper
    - 17" rear wheels
    - Side panels
    - Headlights
    - Master battery switch
    - High intensity rain light
    - Roll Bar/Cage
    - Passenger foot rest
    - Locking fuel door
    - 12V power source under the dash
    - Full street-lighting kit (signals, etc)

    As you probably know, the prices of these cars really just depend on supply/demand. I'm selling it for $72,000. I feel that this is a good price with such little use on the car and how well it's been taken care of. Right now, I have two babies (11 month old and the Atom). I'm getting rid of one, to spoil the other

    Oh, and the inability to get a forced induction car equipped for less than $90,000 (yikes!) makes this car a highly desirable vehicle.

    I don't know of any other cars that are this clean, with this low of miles with this set-up (the new digital dash and K24 engine). It's been rumored this car has 315 horsepower.

    The car is located in Iowa (in my garage). Please assume the cost and arrangement of shipping will be your responsibility as the buyer.

    If you're interested, feel free to post any questions you have below... or, you can PM me or email me at monitoringtot (at) if you're interested in discussing any offers.

    Below are some pictures... I ran into a professional photographer at the track the first time I took it out there... he was extremely excited to take the photos and I was extremely excited with how well the turned out!



    Dash (from other car, but same dash):

    Build Photo (closest to camera, dash was from middle car, before it was installed on my car):

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    PM's and emails replied to. Car is still for sale for the right price!

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