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Thread: New Here; wondering why there is a 10k price hike in the Ariel Atom now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vikram Chopra View Post
    Hi all, I'm new here. I've been saving up and finally am ready to pull the trigger on an Atom. I just noticed that the price of atom 3 (non turbo) has gone up to $64.5K which includes the windshield option. I remember that the windshield used to be priced at about $3k. Almost everything else is the same, . Wondering if they are including a supercharger option in there as well. Any info would be great!

    Thanks y'all!
    its because they can charge for it and people will stupidly pay for it. I too was about to pull the trigger on an atom but saw the increase and said screw it, I'll just buy a bike (I can get a new bike for the amount they increase the price by!). same performance although it is a bit more dangerous. at least its legal where I live. Amazingly they did not spend the money to get the atom legal everywhere via nhsta letter/testing so if you live in a communist state, you are never gonna be able to get it regged. They just increase the price to make more money which is crazy in this crappy economy most of us are stuck in. If you have the money for the atom as a toy, you can afford the price increase. Too bad if you are too poor to afford the increase in price.

    You gotta pay to play...

    (what is more crazy is that people in the for sale section are selling their old used/raced out cars for more then new cars which is probably pushing the increase in price and people are actually stupidly buying them for their outrageous prices; oh well, a fool and their money are soon parted)

    Atoms cost what they cost because of what people are willing to pay for them. Atoms are sorta like HK guns and seem to follow the same company motto... "Because you suck. And we hate you!"

    and here is the long version if you are not familiar with it.

    An open letter to the gun community from HK’s marketing department:In a world of compromises, some people put the bullets in the magazine backwards…But it doesn’t matter, because our gun is on the cover of the Rainbow Six video games. Look how cool that SEAL coming out of the water looks… If you buy a $2,000 SOCOM, you will be that cool of an operator too. And chicks will dig you.
    At HK, we stuck a piston on an AR15, just like a bunch of other companies have done, dating back to about 1969. However ours is better, because we refuse to sell it to civilians. Because you suck, and we hate you.
    Our XM8 is the greatest rifle ever developed. It may melt, and it doesn’t fit any accessories known to man, but that is your fault. If you were a real operator, you would love it. Once again, look at Rainbow Six, that G36 sure is cool isn’t it? Yeah, you know you want one.And by the way, check out our new HK45. We decided that humans don’t need to release the magazine with their thumbs. If you were a really manly teutonic operator, you would be able to reach the controls. Plus we’ve fired 100,000,000 rounds through one with zero malfunctions, and that was while it was buried in a lake of molten lava, on the moon. If you don’t believe us, it is because you aren’t a real operator.
    By the way, our cheap, mass-produced, stamped sheet metal guns like the G3 and MP5 are the bestest things ever, and totally worth asinine scalpers prices, but note that cheap, mass-produced, stamped sheet metal guns from other countries are commie garbage. Not that it matters, because you’re civilians, so we won’t sell them to you anyway. Because you suck, and we hate you, but we know you’ll be back. We can beat you down like a trailer park wife, but you’ll come back, you always do.
    Buy our stuff.

    HK Marketing Department
    HK. Because you suck. And we hate you.
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    You don't have to buy a new one to get into an Atom.I have purchased 3 and not regretted one purchase. Complaining about the price increase on a new Atom is pretty much a lost cause.
    If you really really want an Atom,you will find one you can afford and buy it. I am but a simple auto mechanic and have been able to buy 3..although I do live in a tent.. .. (not really..)
    As far as the Atom ever being NHTSA,EPA and DOT compliant..and keep the character of the Atom (something I doubt is possible) you would then see a HUGE price spike,because of all the overhead costs involved to make a "legal" car in todays politically correct world.
    The power of an Atom is a terrible thing to waste! Atom owner/operator since 2007. The more you chase perfection,the faster it becomes. John Force for President! (I asked him once in person...he laughed)

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    Hi Vikram, I am offering my 2012 Atom 3 for sale, let me know if you are interested, can send you the details. I've done less than a 1,000 miles on it, its phenomenal!

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    It is tough but once you're in love - we stop thinking rationally!
    I've been following the atom since it was first being sold at 52,600$!

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    If interested, I have two new Atoms arriving next month. One has already been spoken for, but the other is still available. I ordered the cars prior to the price increase so they are both based on the $56,480 base price.

    PM me if interested and I can send you the details.

    FormanMotorWorks, LLC
    Phoenix, Arizona

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