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Thread: 12" Fenders On AA3

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    12" Fenders On AA3

    Has anyone fitted these fenders on an AA3? I have read some older post on the AA2s needing the brackets to be raised to clear the tire. I have the 245/40/17 Toyo R888s on my car and was thinking of going to the 255 or 275 but I'm not sure the stock bracket will work without some modification and maybe spacing the wheel out from the hub.

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    the fenders I had made do not replace the bracket holding them. We used the existing bracket and just cut off the old fender. So if your current fender does not fit on top of the 17" tire you will need a way to raise and most likely move the fender inboard.
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    Be careful if you move the front fenders inboard. If they're moved by more than a quarter inch, the trailing fender bracket tube will contact your steering tube when your steering nears full lock.
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