I have 2 sets of used Hawk DTC-70 pads (enough for 4 calipers) for the Atom 2 Wilwood calipers. They're yours if you send $6 my way for a priority mail flat rate box to get them to you.

Now, the reason why they're free. There's about 3 to 5 mm of thickness left on them which should be enough for at least one or two hard track events, or for a whole lot of street miles. I've been using these pads for quite some time, and with them the rotors will wear faster than the pads. Although they're well-worn, they really don't have any grooves but they do taper toward the edge of the pad closest to the hub center. I wouldn't put them on rotors in perfect condition, but if you have some old rotors, this would give you a way to try these out without having to buy a couple of sets.

You can read more of my thoughts and opinions on them in post #5 in this thread, and a search will reveal others that have shared opinions on them as well. There are some caveats with these, so be aware. But otherwise, it's an outstanding brake pad.