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Thread: Adding caster to the front?

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    Adding caster to the front?

    Has anyone been able to figure out a good way to make caster adjustments to the front.
    The reason I want this is because with my car making over 600whp now, doing some of these roll races it gets kinda sketchy passing 150mph. Since it has no caster. The car never straightens itself.

    Only way way I was thinking is to make the upper control arm adjustable lengths on the rods.
    What do you guys think?

    btw mine is the atom 2 mule car.

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    It's not going to be as easy as "just" adding caster to the front end, as it was designed without caster from the get-go, and does not use the same Ackerman ratio (much less) as a front end setup with caster. What you can consider doing is running more toe-in up front (1/16"-3/32" total) as this will stabilize the front end considerably with the only drawback being some accelerated tire wear.I do this at high speed tracks I run at and it is very helpful. Modifying the geometry of a front end is an exact science and is best left to real professionals who build cars for a living,in my humble opinion.
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