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Thread: Ariel Ace motorcycle

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    I'd love to see a video from the factory showing the time and effort that must go into manufacturing that frame, too. Very pretty! Nice job, Ariel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt View Post
    Now which parts can we take from the Ace's parts bin? Headlight maybe?

    LED turn signals...

    3D machined Billet Al frame is where your money went. Too bad they went with an antiquated/oddball enigne (Honda VFR?). If they wanted to be peculiar they should have made their own 'quad four' to go with their over-complicated suspension deisgn.

    Just sayin'.

    It doesn't look bad though. I'm just not sure who their market is.

    Maybe they'll have a windshield option too that's less than $2200 and less than 50lbs...

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