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Thread: About Ariel Atom Chat

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    Lightbulb About Ariel Atom Chat

    What we are:
    Ariel Atom Chat is a worldwide group of Ariel Atom owners and enthusiasts who want to share our passion for this unique automobile, seek and offer advice, and enjoy each other's virtual company.

    What we are not:
    Ariel Atom Chat is NOT officially affiliated with any club or company, which gives everyone here an equal voice, and the ability to speak freely about any Atom-related topic.

    How we roll:
    Ariel Atom Chat is a friendly place. Any topic related to Ariel Atoms is allowed. We only ask that you please keep all posts (including disagreements) appropriate, civil, friendly, and always respectful. Moderately inappropriate posts will receive a friendly warning. Anyone making threatening or abusive posts, SPAM, or any other majorly inappropriate content will be banned without warning.

    Aren't there already other Ariel Atom Forums?
    Sure, including one that is the "official" forum for the Ariel Atom Owners Club. But the intent in creating this forum was not to create any US/UK split as has been suggested by some on that forum (which should be obvious, since Ariel Atom Chat includes a large number of regional forums). We welcome Atom owners and non-owner enthusiasts from anywhere in the world. Our goal is to be the #1 online information resource for all Ariel Atom owners everywhere.

    In visiting the "official" forum, it seemed like there was way too much that wasn't allowed to be discussed there, and that appeared to be driven by the official business affiliations of that other forum. Ariel Atom Chat is an independent forum for all Ariel owners. If members from other forums want to "defect" over here, great! If members want to have accounts on multiple Ariel Atom sites, great! If admins of other forums want to ban links to or mentions of this (or any other) Atom-related sites, great! That merely highlights the drawbacks of an official site and demonstrates the need for an independent one.

    Join with us!
    We welcome Ariel Atom owners and enthusiasts from anywhere in the world, and look forward to having you join us and share our common passion for this exceptional automobile.
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