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Thread: Back in the fold

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    Back in the fold

    Hi Guys,

    Its been a while but I'm finally back in the market for a new Atom.

    I'm based in Austin, TX but soon to be moving back up to Dallas.

    Although I really like what TMI have been doing, I'd really like a UK atom 3.5 with the UK spec, engine, supercharger, headlights etc.

    I'd probably keep it in the UK for a while so as not to upset the dealers here but eventually would like to import it to Texas.

    Does anyone know if its possible to import a UK car?

    I understand it would need to be brought in as a kit car with engine packed separately.

    Anyone foresee any issues getting it registered or through customs?

    Any advice gladly received.

    Its good to be back.

    It will be even nicer to get back behind the wheel of the most amazing car I've ever owned.

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    Hi, Eric, and welcome back.

    I have a new Atom in the build lineup that I don't yet have a deposit on, if you'd like to talk about that one.

    We still have time to configure it to your specs.

    Eddie FourFather Hill
    Top Fuel Champion on land and water since 1966
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    Welcome back Eric! No 2 is still awesome

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    For the cost of getting a UK atom to the states you can buy 3 from TMI, so the answer is yes but why. If you have diplomatic status you should have no problems with customs, if not a really good lawyer can help. As for registering, that would depend on the state. In most states, it ranges from very difficult to near impossible and that is with the left hand drive Atom build in the U.S., I can just imagine the fun it would be with a right hand drive one. Let us know how it goes.

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