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Thread: Question for AA expert

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    Question for AA expert

    A AtomV8 is 500 HP and somewhere around 3 time the price of a AA at 300hp ( k20 Supercharged ) what else make the AtomV8 so expensive ?

    I can have a K24 rebuilt at 500HP for a few K$ then have a regular Atom with same HP than a V8,
    There is something I do not understand , maybe that why there no AA V8 anywhere ?

    Please help me to understand

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    Exclusivity I guess. The ole... "If you have to ask,you can't afford it"... line comes to mind. Nobody really "needs" an Atom with a V8 and 500hp...but it is available.
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    Take the HIGHEST of EVERY available option for the Atom, add it up. Then add the options that are not available, sadev paddle shift, side pods for additional coolers, custom engine shroud and the grand finale, the $65K Hartley V8.
    The price of the regular Atom can swing $30K by it self based on the options. So for a fully loaded top of the line Atom300 it will hit north of 80K.
    Then there is the exclusivity as Max mentioned.
    Same analogy can be said of any car really, you can buy a 120hp pos for $500 and throw in $10k and have 800hp. There are home built cars that are faster than a Bugatti Veyron and cost less than 1/100 of what a veyron cost. Not every penny you spend on a car applies to power output, all the engineering and design to properly handle the power and maintain balance and hundreds of parameters is what you are paying for.
    The value of an object is a lot more than the sum of it parts. Truth be told, if you took the Atom apart, the cost of the parts is less than 20% of the retail value.

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    they are attempting to recoup money spent in research and development as well, no aren't just paying for the upgraded parts, but for the time / money they invested to make it happen.

    the transmission is the biggest change that's difficult to make a reality, I haven't seen anyone with a sequential shift atom, nor one that paddle shifts without the need for a clutch pedal.

    They do make paddle shifters that can be retrofitted to the atom 2 (probably 3 also) but if you have to use the clutch pedal I don't really see the advantage.

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