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    Hi ! Every body !

    My name is Gil Kennedy From Florida, I want to by a atom for track purpose ( HPDE ) but want to be able to drive it there.
    ( Street legal ),
    I never tried one , not sure it will meat my expectation.
    I'am actually driving a GTR and a C5 Z06 , I'am used to a lot of HP and traction with my GTR.( I run in the advance group and like to be ahead )
    I would like to hear comments from a Atom owner who as drive a GTR before or something similar.

    Thanks !

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    Hi, Gil, and welcome to the forum. This is a great place to learn about these incredible Atoms.

    Here is what my 2012 Ariel Atom 3 demonstrator/company car looks like at Hallett Motor Raceway, near Tulsa.

    Eddie FourFather Hill and his Ariel Atom 3 passing racecars at Hallett in 2013 - YouTube

    Since my Atom normally runs about ten seconds a lap quicker than the quickest of the other streetable cars there, it makes more sense, and is more fun for me, to run with the open wheel racecars.

    Eddie FourFather Hill
    Top Fuel Champion on land and water since 1966
    Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha

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    I have a 2009 GTR with mods putting out somewhere between 600-700hp. Ariel kicks me in the ass just as hard but without all the traction control and stuff of the GTR I'm a bit more hesitant to really romp on it. The lack of a windshield also makes me temper any sort of high speed spirited driving. Before the GTR I had a 99 Viper ACR. All that said I don't track my cars so I can't help you with track advice/experience. Hoping to track the Ariel and improve my driving...


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