Hi my name is Dave, I live in san leandro california.
I have been a car enthusiast since I was very young. Bought my first car at 11. Bought and sold 6 cars before I got a drivers license. IT would take a while to count all the cars i have owned. Ridden and Raced off road motorcycles fo 40 + years. Started racing 4 wheels on road course events about 10 years ago. Im now captain of 24 hours of lemons team racing the west coast circuit.
Self employed for most of my life. Recently sold to a competitor to start spending more time to follow dreams. I now work for the competion, but less hours, but less money
I have been a fan of atoms for at least4 or 5 years ?.

I want one, but I do not need yet......I must make room for another car

Current garage
2000 F350 4 door
75 Ford Bronco
79 ford fairmont (lemons )
59 nash metropolitan conv.

Diesel motor home
Enclosed trailer

Sold recently
E55 amg
64 XKE coupe
38 12 cyl packard
70 ford pickup
2000 chev suburban