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Thread: Car hauler trailer

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    The problem with towing automatics with the drive wheels on the ground is many of the transmission internals will also be spinning,with NO lubrication. You can do it for a couple of miles...but much more and I guarantee you will see internal damage.(I see one or two a year damaged in this manner) There is a company that sells an external electric pump that will circulate the fluid in an automatic,but it only can be used on certain transmission models as not all can be lubricated properly in this manner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lane View Post
    Probably depends on the car. In the Ecotec Atom, it's a front drive drivetrain even though it's a rear drive car. The cars where the drivetrain originates (Saturn Ion, Chevy Cobalt) are advertised by GM to the motorhome crowd as being flat-towable without a problem.
    True, but remember that those cars are being towed front-up, with the un-powered rear wheels free-running on the road.

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    The RV crowd often use a tow bar attached directly to the front of the car, which leaves all 4 wheels of the car being towed in contact with the road (which I assume is where the term 'flat-tow' originates). So the use is not just 2-up. Couldn't find images of an Ion/Cobalt specifically, but here are a few that Google image search quickly found:


    Additional info from RV.Net:

    Many RV'ers specifically choose a Saturn as their tow car of choice - and for good reason. While there are certainly numerous options in your choice of tow vehicles, the Saturn line seems to have been built for exactly that reason! This may not really be the case, but you wouldn't know it after comparing other vehicles.

    The Saturn line of automobiles has two main features that make it an attractive tow car:

    1. The pump for transmission lubrication is located on the drive axle side of the transmission rather than the on the engine side. Stated simply, during towing, the transmission is continually lubricated. This will save you money that you would normally have to spend on an auxiliary lubrication pump for your transmission.

    2. The Saturn's odometer and speedometer are both electronic. No mileage is added to your odometer while towing your Saturn. This saves you money as well by eliminating the need for a speedometer disconnect device.

    Obviously, Saturn is not the only manufacturer of towable vehicles. Many others are attractive options as well. But certainly, if you want less hassle and more fun on the road, choosing a Saturn for your tow vehicle is a great choice!

    Again, doesn't matter too much for us but interesting info about the auto trans.
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