Hello all,

I'm Tom from Germany and to be more precise from quite well-known Oktoberfest city Munich (third biggest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg). For about 13 month now I'm a very proud owner of an Atom 3 300 while being a sportscar enthusiast since I got my driving license in 1994 at the age of 18 (yes, I'm jealous of Americans who are allowed to drive cars much earlier ). Unfortunately we don't have a race track close to Munich why so far I didn't had the chance to ride my Atom off the street. But to be honest it's not that sad as it sounds, because we have... the Alps! It takes me about 1 hour to reach the mountains and it's really a huge fun driving all the serpentine roads and Alpine passes. I also did several day trips together with a friend of mine who is is an excellent biker. And since power-to-weight ratios of my Atom and his BMW motorbike are very similar we are driving on similar speed, what makes our tours very "smooth".

To cut a long story short: I love my Atom and I'm really happy and satisfied that I bought one - although it is the most irrational car I can ever imagine Now I wanna start modifying it a little bit. That's why I came across this forum while searching Google for self-cancelling indicator mods.

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