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    Just think of how much of an expert on the electrical system of the Atom you will be once this is all done

    The first relay on the right of the fuse box in my picture is to the aftercooler pump and fan I think, The car will run just fine without this one but wont be happy when you are up into boost running fast. Something about all that lighting you took out is the gremlin here. It was probably hooked into the wrong part of the electrical system.

    Glad you got a step closer to running perfect!

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    . I will probably buy all new relays considering they are about $6 but none of this makes any sense.
    Thanks so much for all of the help!
    if it was a Ferrari those would be $700 each
    the high profile toy thrower

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    The only electric extra now is a back up camera and it is attached directly to the battery with a Tee connection into the on off switch. I will probably wire in an extra fuse box with is own relay to connect my extras too in the future.
    It was like the Immobilizer was re-booting some how. Every iteration was a failure of a major component, first was the throttle bodies and spark, second was the starter and third was the fuel pump and then everything was OK. I went back out this morning with my fingers crossed and it started right up. I just hate these scenarios where the finial answer is not conclusive.
    Many thanks though for all the help. I will now head to the uprights and rod ends. I like the safety washer idea!

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