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Thread: Gear Shifter Replacement

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    Gear Shifter Replacement

    Anyone know how to remove the shifter knob on the Atom 3's? I would like to swap it for something a bit more "meaty". I haven't really tried twisting it yet, as I'm not sure how it's attached and I don't want to F anything up. I know on my vette it's not a "twisty", so I want to be careful.

    And suggestions for knobs would be great. I found a great skull knob that would look funny, but I'd probably want to go with a carbon fiber knob in all seriousness.

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    Yes the stock ones are a little thin. The 2's just spin on and I suspect that the 3's are the same. Shinoo would know at Sector 111 and he sells a 1-7/8" ball as a replacement. Memory says 10 mm, but, I don't know the pitch (probably 1.25)

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