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    Hey everyone! I am going to be purchasing a Ariel Atom this month and am super excited! Got on this forum to answer some of my questions to allow me to pick out the best Atom for what I want to use it for.

    Can't wait to get it and share some pictures with everyone. I am looking for an all Black/Black with the Carbon Wings Atom 3, preferably the Atom 3 k24 edition for that extra torque.

    I have been reading some threads on having difficulty registering a brand new Atom for Street use (North Carolina is where it would be registered) I have even seen some people have there Atom registered in a different state but not actually living in the state in which its registered... I guess there are some loop holes and would appreciate it if someone could PM me some of them as I know public advice on this matter seems to get out to the people with ban hammers.

    Also another question is, if I were to buy an Atom that is currently registered in another state and already has a title with a license plate then if I were to bring it to North Carolina is all the hard work of getting it registered in the first place already done for me?

    Anyways, Thanks in advance for any advice!


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    Welcome, Charlie,

    This is a great place to learn about Atoms, and there are a lot of gearheads here that share the passion.

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