Hey all!

My name is Dave and I live in Colorado Springs for the time being.

I am a an EOD Officer in the US Army (bomb technician) and get moved around a lot. I plan to end up in Florida with my very own Atom someday soon...

Joining the forum to get read up as much as I can before making the plunge to ownership. I have a 9 month tour in Afghanistan coming up which means plenty of time to learn and save!

I have been into cars since high school. I started out with an 01 Tiburon that my parents got me (that I immediately riced out something awful). Upon totaling (not my fault) I got a 90 Miata (wanted a convertible, didnt care how) and developed my HUGE appreciation for anything roadster. Upon commissioning into the Army and finding the financial freedom of a salary, I graduated to an 05 Lotus Elise. The awesomeness of this as a daily driver lasts for about 2 years at which point your girlfriend demands niceties like a trunk and you cant stand using your crotch as a cup holder for even one more drive through. So I made a difficult decision to mature to 4 seats (well, 2 and an insurance bench) with a BMW 135i (vert). She is currently tuned and a thrill but I miss daily driving the not so normal and belonging to any local car show just by pulling in. Which brings me here, for obvious reasons...

I currently enjoy many other money grabbing hobbies making it difficult to save including Skydiving, Guns (both collecting and shooting), and Motorcycles (Harley, cant be all speed all the time, lol).

I look forward to getting to know the community and culture here =]