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Thread: Looking for a Toyo 888 proven setup

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    Looking for a Toyo 888 proven setup

    Hey Guys,

    Just poking around looking for some proven advice about a full setup for a Ariel running Toyo Proxies 888.

    Fronts: 205/50/15
    Rears: 245/45/16

    The Spec Ariel Atom Calls the list below:

    ride height: 120mm
    -1.0 Camber
    2mm total toe out

    ride height: 115mm
    -1.25 Camber
    3mm Toe in

    I did see the Toyo thread and really did not find it that helpful. Is their better information out there.

    I do think the camber sounds a bit conservative but I have never driven a great handling atom. Any advice would be great! I am just looking for a good starting point.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Richardson View Post
    Just poking around looking for some proven advice about a full setup for a Ariel running Toyo Proxies 888.
    Setup for what types of activities?

    I've run through several sets of R888s in those sizes in both street driving and HPDEs. I've found camber numbers like those to work well for combined street/track. With the weight of the car, it doesn't seem to need much more negative than that with those tires & sizes. I run pressures of 80/20 on the street and 14/16 on the track. Wear has been nice and uniform.

    Personally, I prefer a neutral front or a hint of toe in (rather than any toe out) as it seems to be much more stable and less darty in street driving on roads of varying condition.

    Even though I don't do a ton of track events and I don't push it as hard on the track as some people, I made a switch to Hoosier A6 (with 205 in the front and going to 295 in the rear). What an insane difference - I won't be going back to the R888s on the track. The Hoosier's even work well driving around town or to the track. They do throw a lot of rocks though (cuts down on tailgaters) and you'll briefly see the grim reaper in your rear view mirror anytime you go through standing water with them...
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