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Last night I spent hours trying to find a discussion on just how much fun it is to own and drive an Ariel Atom. I couldn't find one. All I was able to find was the occasional post describing a fun, random event that had just happened.

So as someone interested in the Atoms, how much fun is it really? And do you ever sit back, pause for a moment, and think to yourself, "I drive and own one of the greatest pieces of automotive engineering ever created."?
Not those exact words. In fact the engineering is not faultless, on mine anyway being one of the very originals. But it certainly dawns on me from time to time how lucky i am to own something so rare and totally awesome.

The fun part comes in many forms. For example, knowing you car is a head turner downtown or a real performer away from the lights and at your local trackday. It just depends what floats your boat.
Personally I like to get on some of our quieter roads and enjoy cruising through the scenery that the tourism promoters have labelled Middle Earth. I not only find it fun but also a good way to unwind.
I could not imagine enjoying the Atom on freeways or miles of long straight road.

This clip IMO shows where the car is most at home and how i enjoy it most...