Hello all.
My name is Tony, and I do not own an Atom. Unfortunately, I will probably not own one for quite a while. The garage is already full (of Audis) and a driveway is no place for a car in this climate. (It rains as many as 6 times a year here in San Diego) So for now, I'm posting so that I can lurk around and learn what I might be getting into in the future. My wife is almost as much of a car nut as I am, but to help make sure she's interested, we might stop by Sector 111 to see what's there.

This interest started when I saw an Atom at Cars and Coffee in Irvine a while back. The Top Gear episode did it for me. I made it my goal to own one. The Atom may have knocked the Ferrari 355, 360 and 550 off the "I will own one someday" list. The thing that recently got me going again was seeing one at a local hospital. I talked to the owner and now I'm back on my Atom kick. This was only the second one I have seen outside of car shows.

So, it will be a while. I want to have a bigger garage with little more room to work on cars. Ideally, I want a 3-1/2 car garage. The 1/2 will only have a 4 foot high door, so only an Atom (or something similar) could fit in there. It just talkes money, I guess.

I'll see you guys and girls around. Please drive safely.