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Thread: I made a very expensive mistake on the track last weekend :(

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    I made a very expensive mistake on the track last weekend :(

    I drove 10 laps in a real NASCAR at Bondurant. Instant clutchless upshifting with the tight ratio gearbox was heavenly. I now desperately want a set of dog gears for the Atom: Dog Gear Set Only $4k + labor...

    Seriously though, an awesome experience and totally worth it. Honestly my Atom is probably about the same speed in acceleration (~350hp/1350lbs vs claimed 750hp/3400lbs), and it has a LOT more brake than the NASCAR, even though it was on "$45k of brakes" from AP and/or Brembo. The NASCAR was burly as hell and totally rewarded cowboy driving styles - super fun, super neutral, and super safe feeling.

    The instructor was a riot, reminded me of Tin Cup. Mr Swagger - "I only have one speed, [dramatic pause] and that's qualifying speed." Dude could wheel the hell out of the car. It was really interesting the way he used curbs to rotate the car.

    If you're even in Phoenix, I'd say it's worth the $750 to give it a wag.

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    I can't even imagine 200mph for 500 miles..with 43 other drivers going for the win.Love em or hate em,Nascar is a unique racing experience. What,no pictures?
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