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Thread: Blizzard of 2013...Nemo is kicking my central Mass..

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    Blizzard of 2013...Nemo is kicking my central Mass..

    Third trip outside to pull snow off roofs...waist deep on flat ground..well over my head in drifts..I can't even see the first floor on my house any more. At least the power and cable are still on,by some miracle. I wonder what the temperature in Ensenada is right now...


    Poor little Miata...indoors,and still covered in shnow...CIMG3946.jpg

    A wolf looking for breakfast....CIMG3948.jpg
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    Just what we think is a normal day in your part of the country..

    Too damn cold for my bones..
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    Max, you have my sincere sympathy--that is brutal.

    We were blessed with 63 degrees and sun yesterday, here in Wichita Falls, Texas.

    If you are considering moving to a warmer climate, there is plenty of room left around here--
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    I grew up in Anchorage, so you have my sympathy's. I do remember people riding their motorcycles in weather near that though

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