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Thread: Eddie FourFather Hill 25th Annual Run'N'Gun event results Kit Car Magazine Feb 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMaxAtom View Post
    Guardian angels..very cool! Were you running Hoosier A6s, 275/35/15" tires on all 4 corners for this event?

    Found this old ad on Ebay a while ago.. the early E.H. days...!

    Attachment 1179

    Those on the rear, but 225/45/15 fronts.

    That Pennzoil ad started with a letter I wrote to Pennzoil, bragging on how much better their oil worked for me. Many years later they stepped up big time to support my gee addiction, (and also, they said, to help their sales). That ad was based on results in the 1950's, and very early 1960's

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