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    New guy

    I am new to this forum and am interested in buying an AA; just need to see if I fit first. My current fun ride is a 2008 Corvette Z06, where fit is no problem, but I realize it may be different in an Atom. I am 6'-4.5 inches tall and about 260#, with a 36" inseam. I plan to stop by to see Eddie Hill in WF, next time I am driving to Colorado or Lubbock. I live in Fulshear, TX which is close to Houston.

    Steve, aka redz06

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    If you fit in a Vette you will fit. Go see Eddie!

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    Hi, Steve, and welcome.

    I'm right at six foot, and I run the seat right in the middle of the adjustment. It will go about 2 1/2" either way from the middle, and the pedals can adjust some, so I don't anticipate a problem fitting in. The last guy from Houston that bought a new Atom 3 from me was about 6' 2 or 3, and I'm guessing 220-230# and no problem there. But you just need to try one on for fit to be sure. I can meet with you most any time, even after business hours or on weekends, unless we are doing a demo out of town at one of the race tracks. If/when you have a time frame to come look, call me and we'll set up a meeting.

    You are in for some serious fun! I had fourteen Corvettes prior to my first Atom (my cell phone is XXX-XXX-VETT), so I am very familiar with what you are about to experience. I have one used Atom II, and two brand new 2013 Atom 3's available for sale and delivery right now, so this is a good time.


    Eddie FourFather Hill
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