After some minor growing pains learning how to deal with the SPAMbots, it now feels like Ariel Atom Chat (I don't want to abbreviate it as "AAChat," since some might mistake as an AlcAnon forum) is humming along nicely!

With Spring fast approaching (yay!), and the Atom driving season with it, I'd love to raise awareness of this forum to all other Ariel Atom owners. This forum is unique in that it has no official ties to any club, factory, or any other commercial entity - meaning that any and all Atom-related topics can be discussed openly. That, and we're cooler.

So if you'd feel comfortable personally inviting any of your Atom buddies (who aren't already here) to join this forum, and/or link to it from your blog/website/whatever, I'd appreciate it. And if you don't feel comfortable, please feel free to PM me to share any of your concerns.