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Thread: Buying a new Atom, have questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vhayne View Post
    Wow! I don't know what to say, other than THANK YOU for such a detailed response! You guys are great here so far hehe. I'll try to look for an NC owner to coorespond with.
    Now that you've had the depressing FL version, which BTW other previous owners have already been through in some states and other future owners will gladly be prepared to go through, I'd like to add that I've also heard of owners in other states getting plates simply by producing the necessary sales documents and paying the appropriate fee/tax. Terry is correct about every state being different.

    As for the drive home versus transporter, Google Maps shows VIR being only 1.5 miles from North Carolina. If you can't find a few friends to help you push it over the border then.. drive it like you stole it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vhayne View Post
    Thanks again. I'd be very curious to know more details about the private track you had envisioned as well as the denial of permission. That's one of the dreams I've had for quite some time. Buy a ton of land somewhere, and build all sorts of tracks on it, mainly a road course.
    There were a couple of different issues. The first was that the property abuts a national forest for about 3 miles and construction requires NPS permission. The second was that there was a restrictive covenant placed on the property years ago when someone had the grandiose idea to build a luxury housing development there. They sold a couple of half-acre lots, so it wasn't simply a case of requesting that the covenant be lifted.

    I just read an old article about a guy in NY that did it which gave me hope that I wouldn't be as insane as I once thought lol. It seems ridiculous that you have to "get permission" to build something on your own property for your own private use, as long as that "building" doesn't pose as a fire hazard. And aside from crashing, I can't see how asphalt can be deemed a hazard.
    That's Alan Wilzig. It took him 5 years in the courts, all the way up to NY's highest court, to get his planning permission reinstated.

    He also owns an Atom.

    If you saw the Top Gear US episode where they brought 3 cars for Donald Trump to choose between (S02E13, 13-Mar-2012), the place where they first met up after picking up the cars (where they insulted each other's choices), that was at Wilzig Racing Manor.

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