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Thread: Excited about the Atom!

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    Excited about the Atom!

    Hello Atom Enthusiasts!

    My name is Anthony.
    I split my time between Oregon and Nevada.
    I do not currently own an Atom.

    I am new the to the exotic and track car world. I have always loved cars, but I am a young guy with little experience, and until now have never had the time or resources to live the dream. I recently sold a healthcare company, and only started my car collection this year. Currently, I have a 2008 R8 R-Tronic V8 [grey with silver], and a 2010 R8 Manual V10 [black with carbon]. I just purchased the V10 to be my daily driver, and was going to keep my V8 for a track car.

    I am hoping to be able to spend some track time at PIR and Spring Mountain Motorsports ranch in the coming months and years, and still working through what cars I want to own...and of those, what I want to track.

    I am getting a lot of grief for having 2 R8's, along with the advice that an R8 is not the greatest track car anyway. However, other exotics seem frivolously expensive to maintain as track cars. So, I believe I am going to sell the 2008 R8 in favor of something more like the Atom.

    Reading a few of the threads before I registered, this really seems like a good and helpful group of car nuts. I'm excited to learn more about the Atoms, and whatever else I can glean from you guys!

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    welcome, where are you in Oregon? There are a few of us here.
    the high profile toy thrower


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