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Thread: Your dream track.

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    Thought about VIR it's even more east, would have liked to had Road America on the schedule.

    Hopefully it will stop snowing by then.. Bringing wets but not chains..
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    "Bringing wets but not chains.." Ha! Just got out of the F350 plow truck..pretty sad to think most of my miles behind the wheel in the last 6 months have been pushing shnow into piles. I am planning on being out of Massachusetts by 2016. Wet line at the Glen is easy: stay off the concrete patches...
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    Here are some of my favorites from Atom days gone by (in no particular order)

    • The "Climbing Esses" at VIR
    • The "Corkscrew" at Laguna Seca
    • The "bitch" at Hallett
    • The "Kink" at Road America
    • The "Downhill Esses" at Road Atlanta
    • Blackhawk Farms proves that a track without elevation changes can still be fun.

    My favorite trackside quote:
    "The slowest driver in the slowest car in the slowest group is having more fun than the happiest fan in the stands"
    - Mike Stephens, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
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