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Thread: An Ariel Atom ride with Eddie FourFather Hill

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    An Ariel Atom ride with Eddie FourFather Hill

    Here is a Corvette owner's impressions from his first ride in an Ariel Atom--

    An Ariel Atom ride with Eddie Hill - Corvette Forum

    Eddie FourFather Hill
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    Been awhile since I have posted here since I started a new hobby last spring.. still have my AA2, and eager to get back on the road when it warms up. Started this other camera hobby with one thing in mind.. videoing my AA2 around for fun.

    Next time something around that I can swing by to enjoy with the Atom gang and also get some fun flying footage.. Here is a demo of my camera: I figured next time there is something close, I can try.. if it does not bother anyone. you can also google for "hobbicam" to see more..

    my AA2 in the garage in this footage.. wife was driving her bike...

    you can google for hobbicam to see the actual flying hexa..

    Ready to get both my hobbies together.. Wish I had an actual video of my AA running around the country side, but can't fly and drive at same time.

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    I loved the different perspective and camera angles. Quite amazing how steady the video is. Is it a radio controlled hover craft with built in camera?

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