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Thread: Chassis in Solidworks?

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    Chassis in Solidworks?

    Anyone have the chassis in Solidworks?

    I remember someone did a 3D scan, and was thinking some bodywork could be designed if I had accurate drawings. Thanks.

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    The factory has the only SolidWorks model that I know of. They won't let it out of their hands long enough for a model, so, good luck getting theirs.

    Mine is Inventor and I told Simon I would not let it from my fingers ... What kind of part were you thinking? The build from the 3D design is a steep learning curve and I am just about through it. I have a tonneau design file at a CNC shop, fairings being pour cast for a mold tool and fenders printed and bondo'ed into shape for casting. I have a few more things on the computer that I am not talking about do to the extreme amount of time already taken to go from design to reality. I can tell you that everything I have test fit from the laser scan derived model has fit like a glove.
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