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Thread: Please Subscribe to your Regional Forum

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    Please Subscribe to your Regional Forum

    Summer has finally (kinda) hit here in Seattle. I'm about to plan an Atom drive here in the Seattle area, and I'll be organizing it in the Northwest Region Forum. Which got me thinking - in order to make those local forums more useful, I recommend that everyone subscribe to their regional forum so that they're notified whenever new threads are started that pertain to their region. It's easy! Just:

    1. Scroll down the main forum page to the "Regional Areas" section and click on your region's forum or sub-forum.

    2. Click the "Forum Tools" drop-down (just above "Last Post By") and select "Subscribe to this Forum..."

    3. Choose whether you want to be notified only through the AAChat Control Panel (which means you'd only be notified when you sign in to the site), or if you want a daily or weekly email. I suggest the daily email, since we don't get enough regional forum traffic to make things unbearable. And it's always easy to change your choice later.

    4. Start planning local events in your regional forums - like I'm about to go do right now.
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