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Atom 2 driveshaft question

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by , July 19, 2017 at 02:36 PM (1473 Views)
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Howdy Atom Folks! New to this site...I have read the many posts on the Atom rear wheel issues, of which I now am dealing with...
I have a 2006 Atom, Eco, Supercharged. I have the SKF seals and bearings waiting in the wings... As I was removing the right rear upright, the CV felt wrong, so, I took that apart and the bearings fell out...along with a smattering of grease... So, it looks like I need a complete driveshaft assembly. I have seen the ones offered online...just checking to see if anybody here recommends any particular "brand"... I do aggressive track riding, long distance stuff, and general commuting, if this info helps...
Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me and my Atom (#10) out.

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  1. Atommatt's Avatar
    The drive shaft shop Stage 2 shafts

    The Driveshaft Shop | Home page
  2. atom10's Avatar
    Thanks, Atommatt --- got one ordered. Now it's just a waiting thing....