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3S owners other interests.....70s vintage iconic motorcycles and cars

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by , January 12, 2018 at 10:54 AM (1502 Views)
Hello....Its old guy John Z that sold has Bramma Cars and got the new 3S.....WHICH IS AWESOME IN EVERY WAY! (Thanks Franz Foreman)
OK.....I have a long standing motorhead history and have been collecting and preserving really exceptional original examples of my era... early 70s motorbikes since about 1980... Some I owned in the day....Some i dreamed of owning .Over 20 PERFECT EXAMPLES OF CB750,KAWASAKI H1,KAWASAKI H2, KAWASAKI KZ650 FOUR,SEVERAL BITCHIN BSA A65'S, All are in EXCEPTIONAL condition. My little collection is getting to be too much of a burden to keep everything perfect and to run every bike ,every month, to full engine operating temp and run carbs dry is a chore once you reach a critical number of bikes and cars........SO.....Im going to sell a few of them to lighten up my load. They are all special in one way or another. Forget the price guides......seriously.Buy for the quality and rarity....GREAT bikes and car ALWAYS sell first. None of my bikes are just used motorcycles...they are near perfect original pieces of rolling artwork. Each one is a masterpiece of design and engineering for its time. 3 Honda CB750s....70,71,71,and another 70 being restored....441 Victor, 75 850 Commando, Beater cl77 305 Honda that great...(as it would have been in the day) the coolest in the bunch in my opinion is my Original as owned BSA A65 Lightning bitsa bike that someone just tastefully modified and got running is so clean and perfect in its profile. It has all the original rough edges that a true Ace Club rider would have earned. It has a presence...its authentic...not made up. Obvious in the period details. Must see to appreciate.
They are very reasonably priced to sell to another enthusiast....they all run perfectly. Lets start with the simplest and one of the most iconic Honda designs ever.... The CL160 Scrambler. This bike looks to be 100% original with the exception of correctly repainted or touched up gas tank and side panels. It is said to have only had two owners over the last 55 years. Less than 6000 ORIGINAL MILES! HOWS THAT FOR RARE......The ultimate lightweight throw it on the back of the motorhome camping bike that could and should win best original motorcycle.....anywhere you could take it. Just keep it clean and watch it appreciate year after year. For those of you unfamiliar with this gem of a motorcycle.....Let me mention a few facts for your perusal. This motor is amazingly tight and quiet.....55 years old.....doesnt leak a drop of anything. Starts at the first glance at the kickstarter. Runs amazing...... It needs NOTHING......It runs perfectly and it will increase in value every day you own it. Stops knowledgeable traffic everywhere I take it. SO RARE.....THIS IS A CLASSIC VINTAGE HONDA...these Were trashed and smashed and off-roaded to death. This one has seen NONE of that abuse. Its a one in a million.....not an aftermarket part that I can see anywhere on this bike. Im sure someone will tell me where this should go on the Forum sorry Im not too techy, I am however VERY much a motorhead and if you'd like more info on picking up something special here in San Diego give me a call or (best) way to contact me. Thanks! John Zihla
Whittling down my obsessions dont wait if your interested in something truly exceptional. These are not examples you are likely to find again.... Zman

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